I am an Italian-American woman who is also a food blogger, cooking instructor, wife and a mother of two.

I am the 3rd generation from Naples. I was extremely fortunate to have had most of my family live in a two-block radius from my parents’ house when I was growing-up. Many of the relatives that I nickyd jcgrew up with were phenomenal cooks, especially my Great Grandma Rosie (Rosalina), Nana Josephine (Giuseppina) and my mother,

I became a food blogger for the Peters Patch (local voices). This was another venue to help me keep this old world style of cooking alive.

Several months later I joined the Ciao Pittsburgh team. I soon began to blog for this wonderful on-line magazine.

Most recently I started my own cookie company, Nicky D Cooks Authentic Italian Cookies Handcrafted Italian Biscotti and Pizzelle. I love to bake these old world treats. I have found that other people like the Italian cookies that are made by hand, and not the ones that are made from machines. It is a work in progress and I am enjoying my new entrepreneurial adventure.