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Masterbuilt Analog Smokers – How to Find One for You

Masterbuilt is such a company which works hand in hand with time. In today’s time, people love technology and that too up to date and master built never disappoints its customers with moving time we see master built making smoking easy and easier for its customers. master built understands his/her customers need master built knows that in today’s time people are too busy due to their workload and they only get Sunday as off where one organizes the party and the other attends it master built helps the organizer of the party in preparing the smoky food for the fellow mates by making smoking easy by introducing latest technology smokers.

Masterbuilt finds new ways to make smoking affordable and convenient. Masterbuilt 30” Electric Smokers is said not be perfect for beginners but it gives you results which are competition ready in your own pretty back yard and the sign of relief is that you don’t have to worry about charcoal or propane. Master built is said to be one of the top producers of smokers in the North America.

Masterbuilt analog smokers have removable wood chip tray and here cherry on the top is the removable water bowl and drip pan too, here it is simply proved that cleaning it is less of a tension. Most importantly when we are talking about the cherry how can we forget the About the delicious icing, it has 3 chrome-coated smoking racks with which we can smoke up to 60 lbs of food.

We all know how important insulation is for a smoker, if a smoker can’t stop heat from spreading it is said to be useless, master built’s analog smokers are well insulated. Masterbuilt’s one of the motives is to bring convenience and another one is to make smoking simple and smart. All you need to do is have electricity, plug in the smoker and smoke, it is that easy, easier than feeding a baby. when anyone on this planet goes for electric device shopping she or he worry’s about the pain it would cost to his or her pocket or bank account worries no more.

Masterbuilt analog smoker brings you the most economical smoking. The price of master built analog smoker may be a happy shock to the buyer’s pocket, analog smoker launched by master built come under $200. Analog smoker by master built are the most affordable though wood chips are an extra cost but believe me they are easily affordable too, because of analog smoker you get served with flavor meat with your most favorite wood chips.

On one hand, love eating chicken, burger, fish or any other small cuts on the other hand love pulled pork shoulders, turkey, ribs too. Don’t worry until the time you have master built’s analog smoker all of this can be smoked in an analog smoker that too without any problem. Yes, it is not perfect for the beginners but is for the pro and with practices, beginners learn.

Photo courtesy: Masterbuilt.

How Does a Pellet Smoker Function?

Love BBQ? Meat? Love wood chips? Love the flavor that they give? Too lazy for hard work? Read on to find out below.

Hearing the term pellet grills/smokers brings ease to my heart and taste buds. 5 years down the lane Barbecuing and smoking were seen as hard work , it wasn’t easy to breathe in charcoal dust and smoke and maintaining a steady temperature was a task in it own but now I eagerly wait for the day where I can use my Camp chef Pellet Grill, pellet smoker runs on standard household electricity it only uses 300 Walt in the beginning and later on it takes maximum 50 waltzes and usage of this much electricity is worth when you get consistent results, manageable temperature, easy cleaning and most importantly it is easy to use. pellet grills are seen to be versatile in nature you can’t only smoke, roast, BBQ or grill you can even bake. pellet smokers are all about convenience and control, simple to use. all you have to do is sit on your couch and forget about the meat and with this little work you get great flavors. Yes, you read it right pellets not only provide heat but flavor as well now you don’t have to worry about overly smoky food because the hotter the pellets get, the less smoke they produce it is actually very hard to produce overly smoked food with pellets.

Today in the BBQ Industry wood pellet smokers are seen to be one of the hottest ongoing trends according to the HPBA reports. Thinking how do wood pellets look like? ever seen a pencil? and an eraser? yes, pellets look exactly like them, the width of a pencil and length of an eraser. Another question in your head? Is it time taking? the answer is simple no it is not, pellet grills pre –heat fast ( 10 – 15 minutes ) and more to it there is no chance of uneven cooking. you can even select temperature in some of the controllers as they are programmable.

How do pellet smokers work?

Basically pellets are made up from sawdust, the hopper is loaded with pellets till the upper edge for hours of grilling or smoking without reloading it, again and again, the hardwoods are fed into the burn pot with the help of electric anger system then the heat is actually carried through the conventions, mixture of cool and warm air flow maintains the temperature . pellet smokers are made with such a setting that it is easy to switch off, it has an induction fan which runs for 5 minutes and lifts the residual ash.

Let us all be pellet heads as they are healthy, they are great for all of us as pellets are used as a fuel here.

Are Electric Smokers Really Eco-Friendly?

Barbecuing and smoking meat is a big part of many cuisines all over the world. People have been barbecuing meat since time immemorial but the methods have evolved over the years. Usually, people use charcoal and wood to smoke their meat. However, with increasing awareness about environmental pollution, eco-friendly barbecuing methods are being preferred by many. Traditional smokers usually require wood to be burned in order to smoke the meat. The smoke which emanates from the burning wood is a pollution hazard and contributes to the overall air pollution. In fact, many areas have laws restricting CO emissions above a certain level. Burning charcoal can even affect one’s health as it releases particulate matter into the air which is then breathed in by all those in the vicinity. Keeping these concerns and regulations in mind, people are opting for electric smokers rather than the classic wood smokers used in the past.

It is widely believed that electric smokers are totally eco-friendly and the best way to smoke meat without contributing to air pollution. While electric smokers are much better for the environment than traditional wood smokers, are they completely eco-friendly and pollution free? Are electric smokers the future of green barbecuing? This is true to some extent but even electric smokers have their limitations.

While they are absolutely free of CO emissions, some brands of electric smokers come with their own share of concerns. Most electric smokers slow cook the meat and this takes longer than traditional smoking. This also ends up consuming more electricity and thus releases greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gasses or GHGs are the leading cause of global warming and excess of these gasses in the atmosphere can have dire consequences on the environment. It all comes down to how the electricity you are using is being produced. If it is produced through conventional methods like through the burning of fossil fuels, your electric smoker would leave behind a substantial GHG footprint. In fact, a gas or charcoal smoker might be a better choice in this case. Electric smokers running on conventional sources of energy are worse for the environment than charcoal or wood grills. On the other hand, if your home is being powered by green energy like solar, hydroelectricity or wind-powered electricity generation, an electric smoker is totally eco-friendly and would not have any adverse effects on the atmosphere.

The more modern and advanced electric smokers are programmed to conserve electricity but their cost might be quite high. The best bet when it comes to eco-friendly electric smokers would be to opt for one which is optimized to run on non-conventional sources of energy. It would be totally pollution-free and cost lesser than a normal electric smoker, in the long run. So, while the typical electric smokers are not completely eco-friendly, there are new and modified versions available which do not place any stress on the environment. So, as an environmentally-conscious barbecuing enthusiast, an electric smoker running on solar or wind energy would be the best option for you!

Why is a Propane Smoker better than an Electric Smoker?

Barbecuing is a very popular method of cooking meat that is practiced in cultures all over the world. In the past, barbecuing entailed quite a lot of preparation and would probably take up the whole day. But now, we have modern appliances like electric and propane smokers to make the whole process much faster and easier. Both electric and propane smokers are much easier to use than the traditional wood or charcoal smoker and even a novice in the barbecue world can smoke meat to perfection using one of them. But between electric and propane smokers, which is better? Read on for information on which smoker to opt for and why.

Electric smokers are very popular right now and most beginners to barbecuing tend to buy these. Electric smokers are user-friendly and you can just switch them on and go about your work until you are ready to continue cooking. The temperature is maintained in an electric smoker and there is no fear of the meat being burnt or undercooked. However, one major disadvantage with an electric smoker is that they consume a large amount of electricity. This would be expensive as well as bad for the environment. Also, if you are having a backyard barbecue party or want to barbecue while camping, finding a source of electricity can also be quite a task. There are no such concerns when it comes to propane smokers. They are super portable and can be set up anywhere with no need to worry about finding an electrical outlet. It is perfect for those who would like to barbecue outdoors or while they are camping.

Many experienced barbecue enthusiasts and connoisseurs feel that using an electric smoker doesn’t bring out that rich, smoky flavor of the barbecued meat. They feel only the classic wood or charcoal smokers can really do the job right. While electric smokers use wood chips too, the smoky flavor of the meat is sometimes lost while being cooked by this method. Propane smokers, on the other hand, produce meat with the same flavor as a traditional wood smoker. While a propane smoker may require a little more attention than an electric smoker, it is definitely worth it as the taste is much more authentic. For those who do not want to go through all the hassle associated with a charcoal or wood grill but want to retain that rich, smoky flavor, propane smokers are the way to go.

Propane smokers have the push-button convenience and temperature control of an electrical smoker and they also produce the same smoky and succulent meat as a charcoal smoker. A propane smoker offers all the conveniences of an electric smoker and it is portable to boot. It is ideal for old-school barbecue lovers who feel an electrical smoker does not impart the smoky flavor to the meat but want to upgrade from a traditional smoker. So, if you are new to barbecuing or a seasoned veteran, a propane smoker would definitely be an upgrade and a great investment.

How to Make Fish in BBQ Smokers

When you think of barbecue you probably visualize succulent, tender cuts of meat on a grill. Barbecue is most often associated with meat and barbecued fish is quite a rarity. Fish is one of the healthiest foods and barbecued fish has a unique flavor unlike any other. When fish is slow-cooked in a smoker, it takes on a moist, delicious flavor that you are sure to love. However, most people tend to shy away from smoking fish as it can be quite tricky and if it isn’t done the right way, the results could be disastrous.
To wow your guests at your next BBQ party with delicious smoked fish, follow the tips below!

While all types of fish and seafood taste great when they are smoked, some fish like salmon, tuna, and trout, that are high in fat, are considered the best for barbecuing as they have a better texture than leaner fish. Leaner fish are more likely to get tough and dry after smoking as compared to fatty fishes.

Choosing the right type of wood to smoke your fish in is another very important factor to consider. Wood like fir and pine should be avoided when it comes to grilling fish. Instead opt for seasoned woods like oak, alder, maple and hickory which bring out the mild flavor of the fish without overwhelming it.
The freshness of the fish also plays a part in how it will turn out after being smoked. The best option would be to use recently caught fish in order to ensure its freshness. However, if this isn’t an option, make sure the fish you buy has been refrigerated and is well-preserved. Once you have your fish ready, it is time to get grilling.

The first step is to preheat the grill. This will help in making outside of the fish crispy and reduces the overall cooking time. The most important reason to preheat the grill is to prevent the fish from sticking to the grill. This is the number one mistake people make while barbecuing fish and can be easily avoided by preheating grill beforehand. Also, make sure to clean the grate completely before grilling fish.

Another important factor when it comes to smoking fish is the temperature. Maintaining the right temperature during the barbecuing process is crucial. The ideal temperature to smoke fish is usually around 400 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, but this may vary depending on the fish you are smoking and the recipe. For best results allow the fish to cook slowly on a low, indirect heat. This gives plenty of time for the fish to absorb the smoky flavor and cook both inside and outside.

While the above tips are all helpful when it comes to smoking fish the real secret is to get the timing right. As long as you keep a close eye on the fish and take it off the grill on time, you are sure to end up with perfectly barbecued fish.

Keep in mind these tips to serve up scrumptious barbecued fish that will impress all of your guests!

Which Should Your First Smoker Be If You Are into BBQ?

Barbecue is an art, all experienced barbecue enthusiasts are sure to agree. “The process of slowly cooking meat over low, indirect heat”, that’s the official definition of BBQ and it may sound simple but there is much more to BBQ than just that! The most important factor when it comes to barbecue is the smoker you use. Other factors like temperature, the type of meat and puck flavor are all secondary. The very first decision to make is what smoker should you buy. Beginners would find this process of choosing an appropriate smoker a daunting and confusing one. A smoker is quite an investment to make and you do not want to hastily buy the very first one you lay your eyes on.

There are many different types of smokers to choose from depending on your needs. So the first step is that every beginner must identify their needs. If you want to barbecue just for small gatherings of your family and friends, you do not need to invest in a complicated smoker, a small portable one would be a better choice. If you intend to have a big barbecue bash, however, a small smoker won’t make the cut.

There are four main types of smokers that you can choose from, namely, charcoal, electric, propane and pellet smokers. They are classified depending on the fuel used.

The traditional wood charcoal smoker is the favorite of barbecue connoisseurs all over the world. It is the oldest method of barbecuing meat and still extensively used today. It is widely regarded as the best way to barbecue meat as it imparts a rich, smoky flavor to the meat. According to old-school barbecue lovers, no other barbecue method can compare with the Charcoal based barbecue grill. However, this type of smoker isn’t the best for beginners as it requires constant monitoring and can also be quite time-consuming.

Electric and propane smokers are a much better choice for beginners as they are user-friendly and require lesser effort to use than the charcoal smokers. You could just set it up, load it with the meat and then go about your chores. The temperature control, heat flow and other factors are all automatically adjusted. Once the meat is ready, you can unload it, garnish with the BBQ sauce of your choice and enjoy it. However, these smokers may not work as well with all types of meat. Also, the smoky barbecue flavor that the charcoal smoker is so famous for is missing when it comes to electric and propane smokers.

The best option for beginners is probably the pellet smoker. Pellet smokers are similar to electric and propane smokers. They are fully automated and do not require any monitoring at all. Pellet smokers may look like the traditional charcoal smoker but that’s the only similarity between the two. Pellet smokers are high-tech devices which use wooden pellets and indirect heat to smoke the meat. They combine the effortless convenience of electric smokers and the authentic taste of charcoal smokers. Though they might cost more than charcoal and electric smokers, they are totally worth it. Pellet smokers are the best barbecue appliances for beginners and would be great for experienced barbecue connoisseurs too.

Here’s a great review of the Masterbuilt 30″ 4 Rack Electric Smoker by QVCtv that’ll help you out more.