Love BBQ? Meat? Love wood chips? Love the flavor that they give? Too lazy for hard work? Read on to find out below.

Hearing the term pellet grills/smokers brings ease to my heart and taste buds. 5 years down the lane Barbecuing and smoking were seen as hard work , it wasn’t easy to breathe in charcoal dust and smoke and maintaining a steady temperature was a task in it own but now I eagerly wait for the day where I can use my Camp chef Pellet Grill, pellet smoker runs on standard household electricity it only uses 300 Walt in the beginning and later on it takes maximum 50 waltzes and usage of this much electricity is worth when you get consistent results, manageable temperature, easy cleaning and most importantly it is easy to use. pellet grills are seen to be versatile in nature you can’t only smoke, roast, BBQ or grill you can even bake. pellet smokers are all about convenience and control, simple to use. all you have to do is sit on your couch and forget about the meat and with this little work you get great flavors. Yes, you read it right pellets not only provide heat but flavor as well now you don’t have to worry about overly smoky food because the hotter the pellets get, the less smoke they produce it is actually very hard to produce overly smoked food with pellets.

Today in the BBQ Industry wood pellet smokers are seen to be one of the hottest ongoing trends according to the HPBA reports. Thinking how do wood pellets look like? ever seen a pencil? and an eraser? yes, pellets look exactly like them, the width of a pencil and length of an eraser. Another question in your head? Is it time taking? the answer is simple no it is not, pellet grills pre –heat fast ( 10 – 15 minutes ) and more to it there is no chance of uneven cooking. you can even select temperature in some of the controllers as they are programmable.

How do pellet smokers work?

Basically pellets are made up from sawdust, the hopper is loaded with pellets till the upper edge for hours of grilling or smoking without reloading it, again and again, the hardwoods are fed into the burn pot with the help of electric anger system then the heat is actually carried through the conventions, mixture of cool and warm air flow maintains the temperature . pellet smokers are made with such a setting that it is easy to switch off, it has an induction fan which runs for 5 minutes and lifts the residual ash.

Let us all be pellet heads as they are healthy, they are great for all of us as pellets are used as a fuel here.