Barbecuing is a very popular method of cooking meat that is practiced in cultures all over the world. In the past, barbecuing entailed quite a lot of preparation and would probably take up the whole day. But now, we have modern appliances like electric and propane smokers to make the whole process much faster and easier. Both electric and propane smokers are much easier to use than the traditional wood or charcoal smoker and even a novice in the barbecue world can smoke meat to perfection using one of them. But between electric and propane smokers, which is better? Read on for information on which smoker to opt for and why.

Electric smokers are very popular right now and most beginners to barbecuing tend to buy these. Electric smokers are user-friendly and you can just switch them on and go about your work until you are ready to continue cooking. The temperature is maintained in an electric smoker and there is no fear of the meat being burnt or undercooked. However, one major disadvantage with an electric smoker is that they consume a large amount of electricity. This would be expensive as well as bad for the environment. Also, if you are having a backyard barbecue party or want to barbecue while camping, finding a source of electricity can also be quite a task. There are no such concerns when it comes to propane smokers. They are super portable and can be set up anywhere with no need to worry about finding an electrical outlet. It is perfect for those who would like to barbecue outdoors or while they are camping.

Many experienced barbecue enthusiasts and connoisseurs feel that using an electric smoker doesn’t bring out that rich, smoky flavor of the barbecued meat. They feel only the classic wood or charcoal smokers can really do the job right. While electric smokers use wood chips too, the smoky flavor of the meat is sometimes lost while being cooked by this method. Propane smokers, on the other hand, produce meat with the same flavor as a traditional wood smoker. While a propane smoker may require a little more attention than an electric smoker, it is definitely worth it as the taste is much more authentic. For those who do not want to go through all the hassle associated with a charcoal or wood grill but want to retain that rich, smoky flavor, propane smokers are the way to go.

Propane smokers have the push-button convenience and temperature control of an electrical smoker and they also produce the same smoky and succulent meat as a charcoal smoker. A propane smoker offers all the conveniences of an electric smoker and it is portable to boot. It is ideal for old-school barbecue lovers who feel an electrical smoker does not impart the smoky flavor to the meat but want to upgrade from a traditional smoker. So, if you are new to barbecuing or a seasoned veteran, a propane smoker would definitely be an upgrade and a great investment.